Sommaire Publications


  1. Semi-algebraic triangulation over p-adically closed fields
    52 pages, submitted

  2. Polytopes and simplexes in p-adic fields
    25 pages, Annals of Pure and Applied Logic

  3. Topological cell decomposition and dimension theory in P-minimal fields
    12 pages, Journal of Symbolic Logic

  4. Cell decomposition and classification of definable sets in p-optimal fields
    19 pages, Journal of Symbolic Logic

  5. Model-completion of varieties of co-Heyting algebras
    27 pages, Houston Journal of Mathematics

  6. On Bellissima's construction of the finitely generated free Heyting algebras, and beyond
    24 pages, Archive for Mathematical Logic

  7. Codimension and pseudometric in co-Heyting algebras
    34 pages, Algebra Universalis

  8. Model-theory of scaled lattices
    26 pages, Prépublications mathématiques d'Angers

  9. Decidability and Local-Global Principles
    23 pages, Contemporary Mathematics

  10. Pseudo algebraically closed rings
    31 pages, Manuscripta Mathematica

  11. Non singular Hasse principle for rings
    23 pages, Journal für die reine und angewandte Mathematik


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